I am a weak and broken human being in desperate need of God. He has shown grace towards me but I still choose to sin against Him. While on this earth, I will feel pain, sadness, anxiety, and torment. But I have a Light that is so bright and pure to look to. I am not perfect, nor can I be, but God still loves me. He sent His perfect Son to earth to die the death of a sinner and because of the cross, my sins have been forgiven.

This is the point of my blog. God does not give up on us; He never has and He never will.

I would be wrong to say that I have all the answers or that I could help you overcome a struggle. However, I can declare that I am a saved child of God because Jesus Christ died on the cross to save us from our sins and God will someday enact His judgment on the world and those who reject Him will not live. But until that day, He extends His grace to all human beings.

I would love for you to send in any topics you want me to write about, stories, thoughts, or questions!